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Dwan Bass

Dwan  Bass
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      Dwan Bass believes in the power of investing in yourself now in order to reap a better future. Having worked in the healthcare industry for 20 plus years her experience with helping all types of people has more than equipped her to help her clients through the process of home ownership.

      Nicknamed Joe Louis as a child, Dwan turned the attribute of strength and “fight” into a real skill set that allows her to help others achieve their ownership goals. She is assertive and patient, always working on behalf of the buyer or seller as she would her own children. At an early age, her father modeled the importance of building wealth through owning property. It was ingrained in her then that real estate is an investment vehicle to leave a legacy.

      Standing on integrity, diplomacy, and ‘aggressive grace’, she advocates for all her clients and meets them where they are to help them evolve as they go. Above all, she values relationships over transactions. Whether you’re a seller, buyer, or first-time prospective, Dwan provides an unmatched service of care.

      Buying a home can feel overwhelming and yet be one of the most rewarding decisions in a person’s life and she is more than willing to help guide clients through the process.

      Heritage is what you take with you, legacy is what you leave behind. Let’s claim your legacy now.

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